Brightheart is a she-cat with ginger patches on her back with a ginger tail. She has a large scar on one side of her face, leaving her with no eye and a half-shredded ear on that side.


Forest of SecretsEdit

She is an apprentice with her brother Thornpaw. Her mentor is Whitestorm. He remarks how great a hunter she is.

Rising StormEdit

She meets Ravenpaw when he comes to tell Fireheart where Cloudpaw was.

A Dangerous PathEdit

When Bluestar made Cloudpaw a warrior, she and Swiftpaw went to find out what was happening with the disappearing prey. They met a pack of dogs that killed Swiftpaw and left her dying. While she was dying, Bluestar changed her name to Lostface. Cloudtail didn’t leave her side after that. When she went to meet Cloudtail's mother, she felt bad because Princess was scared of her. Cloudtail then trained her to be a warrior.

The Darkest HourEdit

After Bluestar died, her name was changed to Brightheart and she and Cloudtail became mates.

Firestar’s QuestEdit

She was seen as a pregnant queen and later gave birth to Whitekit.


She is the first cat who sees that Brambleclaw is not at camp, but thinks nothing of it.


She and Cloudtail disappear and their daughter, Whitepaw is very frantic.


She was rescued by many ThunderClan cats from twolegs. It was hard for her to make the Great Journey because of her one eye.



She was upset with Daisy and Cloudtail when they were getting too close so she helped Cinderpelt out a lot, which gets under Leafpool skin. When Leafpool does leave, she becomes sad and thinks it is all her fault.


When Leafpool returns to ThunderClan, she helps her, but then returns to her warrior duties.

The SightEdit

She has Jaypaw to mentor and is saddened when he leaves her for Leafpool.

Dark RiverEdit

‘‘Coming soon’’


She comforts Berrypaw that Firestar wouldn’t give him a bad name, referring to when she was named Lostface.


She helps Leafpool with the injured cats when they fight WindClan and RiverClan.

Long ShadowsEdit

She's alive and well. Stop lying to the wiki

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