Icepaw is a white she-cat with blue eyes.


The SightEdit

She was born to Ferncloud and Dustpelt with her brother Foxkit. When Jaypaw and his littermates were playing, he steps on them and is worried if he hurt them, but Ferncloud comments, “Your to small to squish a fly”.

Dark RiverEdit

She and Foxkit are playing with Hollypaw and Cinderpaw, but it turns into a pretend battle with WindClan.


She is mentored to Whitewing because her new mentor and her both have white pelts and Whitewing can teach her tricks to avoid being seen by prey.


She said that she wanted her name to be “Icestorm”.

Long ShadowsEdit

She is seen most of the time fetching bedding and is happy when Tawnypelt kit who are apprentices come to the clan and they can share the work load.


She is out with Lionblaze and Foxpaw looking for cobwebs when they find the other clan leaders.