Hazeltail is a small gray and white she-cat.


She was brought to the ThunderClan camp with her two brothers, by her mother Daisy as Hazel. Daisy thought that if she had stayed, her kits would have been taken.


She and Mousekit are hunting a butterfly and were told to by Spottedleaf. Her mother thought that clan life was not safe and left to go back to the horse place. Brambleclaw and Cloudtail later came to get them and brought them back.

The SightEdit

She is now Hazelpaw with Dustpelt as her mentor.

Dark RiverEdit

She helps to fight some WindClan cats when two apprentices chase a prey over the border and kill it.


She gets her warrior name, Hazeltail. She later says that she wanted to mentor Toadkit of Rosekit.


She is on Brambleclaw's patrol when WindClan attack.

Long ShadowsEdit

She almost crosses the ShadowClan boarder, but she is spotted by a patrol who show open aggression. Her brother, Berrynose attacks the patrol and she is injured stopping him.


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