Darkstripe is a dark gray and black tabby tom; it is said that he has blue, amber, and bright yellow eyes.


Into the WildEdit

He is seen with Graypaw at first and Graypaw notes it, when he was showing Firepaw around that he was, “Neither young nor pretty,”

Fire and IceEdit

It was said that Dustpaw was his first apprentice, but also said that her mentored Longtail. He sees Fireheart when he let Silverstream go in battle and passes it on to Tigerclaw.

Forest of SecretsEdit

Tigerclaw asks him to join him in exile, but he declines, showing he is hurt that Tigerclaw didn’t let him know about the attack.

Rising StormEdit

He remains loyal to Tigerclaw and has second thoughts of joining him.

A Dangerous PathEdit

He helps Tigerstar with the attacks on the dogs and later comes to join him. When Tigerstar tells him to kill Stonefur, he does without question, but needs help from Blackfoot.

He blames Firestar for Tigerstar death and during the fight against BloodClan and LionClan, he attacks a Bloodclan she-cat, saving Firestar and Firestar thinks that he is loyal again, but then tries to kill Firestar saying that he needs to die and that he will kill Firestar. Graystripe saves Firestar when he kills Darkstripe, commenting that there was one less traitor in the forest now.


He is seen in the Dark Forest and meets Tigerstar. He is no longer brave and strong, but weak and scared. He asks if he can join Tigerstar, but is declined and left in the forest by him-self.