Daisy is a long furred creamy she-cat.


She is first seen when the cats go to a gathering with her mate Smoky. It is said that she is very plump and is close to kitting.


She had her kits, Berry, Mouse, and Hazel, and brings them to ThunderClan because her friend Floss's kits were taken away. She is not sure of clan life and when Cloudtail tries to teach her fighting moves, she doesn't learn them. When the badgers attack, she, her kits, Ferncloud, and Birchpaw hide at the top of the hollow.


She is not sure of if she want's to stay in the clan and when her kit, Berrykit wanders off and loses part of his tail, she leaves the clans with her kits. Cloudtail and Brambleclaw then come and try to bring her back, which she agrees to.

The SightEdit

It is said that when Squirrelflight'smilk didn't come. she groomed, Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit.

Dark RiverEdit

She congratulated Mille on keeping her kittypet name.


She has a litter of two kits with Spiderleg, Toadkit and Rosekit.


She is very loving towards her kits and is worried about Spiderleg when he leaves for battle, but he ignores her.

Long ShadowsEdit

It is said that she and Spiderleg are not mates anymore.


She is watching Toadkit and Rosekit play with Spiderleg and tells him to be "a scarier badger".