Cloudtail is a longhaired white tom with blue eyes.


Fire and IceEdit

He was given to Fireheart by his mother, Princess, to be raised in ThunderClan instead of living the life of a kittypet. When he was brought to the camp, most of the clan didn’t like it, but it was the middle of leaf-bare and Brindleface became his new mother so he wouldn’t freeze.

Forest of SecretsEdit

When Fireheart and Graystripe gave ThunderClan prey to RiverClan, Cloudkit wanted to come; they told him it was a secret warrior mission. So Cloudkit, told Tigerclaw about their “mission” and they were caught. Many cats keep calling him a kittypet and when Fireheart, tells him that his mother was a kittypet, he first doesn’t belive him, but then gets mad at Fireheart and runs away.

Rising StormEdit

He became Fireheart apprentice and Fireheart brings him to his mother. It is said that he is getting very plump even in leaf-bare when all the other cats are skinny. It is then reviled that he has been taking food from twolegs who then take him away in their monster. Ravenpaw comes to ThunderClan and says he found a lost kittypet with ThunderClan scent on it and it turns out to be Cloudpaw. Fireheart, Ravenpaw, and Sandstorm go to rescue him.

A Dangerous PathEdit

He gets his warrior name, Cloudtail and he starts to show affection for Brightpaw and when she looses and eye when she and Swiftpaw go to find the dogs, Cloudtail, teaches him a new style of fighting.

The Darkest HourEdit

He fights with his clan against BloodClan, and shows affection for Brightheart.

Firestar’s QuestEdit

At the end of the book, his mate, Brightheart, has his kit, Whitekit who looks over Squirrelkit and Leafkit as proudly as if they were her own.


His kit, Whitekit, is now an apprentice, Whitepaw.


He and Brightheart watch their kit, as she is an apprentice.


It is hard for his mate, Brightheart to make the journey because of her one eye.


When he finds Crowfeather after he saved Leafpool, he shows aggression toward him.


His kit is the only apprentice left in the clan.


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The SightEdit

He has a new apprentice, Cinderpaw. His mate, Brightheart gets her first apprentice, name Jaypaw, but he leaves her to be a medicine cat.

Dark RiverEdit

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He is a minor character in this book and his not seen very much.


He fights with his clanmates when WindClan and RiverClan attack.

Long ShadowsEdit

When his adopted brother, Ashfur, dies, he blames WindClan and wants to attack them.


He is a minor character in this book.