Cinderpelt is a gray she-cat with blue eyes.


Into the WildEdit

She is not actually mentioned, but when four kits are taken from ThunderClan, Firepaw picks up a small gray cat that looked like it had cinders on her pelt who was probably Cinderpelt as Cinderkit.

Fire and IceEdit

she is given her apprentice name, Cinderpaw with her mentor Fireheart. She proves to be a handful for Fireheart and when he needs to bring a message to Tigerclaw “and” get catmint for Bluestar, Cinderpaw tells him that she has to stay in camp. She doesn’t obey him and when she goes to give Tigerclaw the message, she is caught in his trap and her leg is crippled and she is depressed saying that she is no use to the clan. While she is staying in Yellowfang den, she is learning herbs and Yellowfang asks her if she would like to be her apprentice. Cinderpaw enjoys helping and aggress to be her apprentice while still staying good friends with Fireheart.

Forest of SecretsEdit

When Silverstream gives birth, Yellowfang is out collecting herbs so Cinderpaw helps, but it is too late and Silverstream had lost too much blood and died. Cinderpaw felt it was her fault and felt that she couldn’t do anything right. ====Rising Storms When ShadowClan cats came to the ThunderClan camp for help, they were turned away, but Cinderpaw helped them and kept them in a cave on ThunderClan territory. It turned out that Littlecloud was so happy and delighted that he was healed and loved helping his clan mates, he became Runningnose apprentice to be a medicine cat. Also, Cinderpaw becomes Cinderpelt before her mentor Yellowfang dies.

A Dangerous PathEdit

She continues to help her clan and stay goods friends with Fireheart by helping him a lot with being deputy.

Darkest HourEdit

She brings and helps Firestar during his leader ceremony.

Firestar’s QuestEdit

She along with Graystripe and Sandstorm accuse Firestar of wanting to go back to his life as a kittypet when he tells them he is going to save SkyClan.


She has a sign of a Tiger Dancing in Fire and thinks that it means Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw will destroy the forest.


When Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight come back, she jumps on them thinking they are enemies and lead them back to Sunningrocks.


She struggles to make the journey to their new home.


She senses something different in Leafpaw and gives her her medicine cat name.


In the beginning of the book, she is told of her approaching death. Also, she finds out that Leafpool is seeing Crowfeather and worries about what will happen to ThunderClan without a medicine cat and is killed by a badger and has Sorreltail and Brakenfur kit Cinderkit named after her.


Although she is dead, she becomes reborn as Cinderkit. Who then becomes Cinderheart.

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