Cinderheart is a fluffy gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes. She is the reincarnation of Cinderpelt.



Cinderkit and her siblings, Molekit, Honeykit, and Poppykit are born to Sorreltail and Brakenfur. Cinderpelt died protecting Sorreltail while she was kiting. Cinderkit was named after him.


It is said that Cinderkit is the reincarnation of Cinderpelt.

The SightEdit

She is now an apprentice and is Hollypaw best friend. It is noticed that she is very much like Cinderpelt.

Dark RiverEdit

She climbs up a tree to help Mousepaw who got stuck and fell, breaking her back leg. She was very unsettled and wouldn’t stay still until she was set to her apprentice duty.


Her mentor, Cloudtail fears that her leg isn’t healed yet. When Hollypaw tells her that she will focus on one thing at a time, she says it is mouse brained, but then apologized.


She injures her leg again, but this time, doesn’t want to move so Jayfeather thinks of swimming, which later helps. She gossips with Hollypaw, saying that Whitewing and Birchfall are sharing tongues more. When WindClan attacks, she stays in the medicine cat den, but wanted to fight.

Long ShadowsEdit

She gets her warrior name, Cinderheart.


Her sister, Honeyfern died of a snake bite.

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