This is a list of all cats under six moons old.

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During LifeEdit

All kits stay in the nursery until they open their eyes. They can then, go out when their mother or caretaker, (in the case of Brokenkit, Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit), say so. Kits are very well cared for in the clan and don't have to take are of them selves. Warriors hunt and bring them food, the Medicine Cat, makes sure they are healthy and strung, and the Queens wash and groom them. If there was a battle, they would stay in the usury and be defended by the Queens and Warriors, (such as in Into the Wild when ShadowClan attacks), evacuate with the Queens, (such as in Twilight, during the badger attack). They stay within the camp and nursery until they become six moons old, and are apprenticed.


When a kit breaks a rule, or leaves the camp, they are usually forgiven because of their young age if they break a small rule. But, if a kit creates a big problem, their apprenticeship can be delayed.

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