Brakenfur is a tom with golden-brown tabby fur.


Into the WildEdit

He is not mentioned by name, but he is one of the kits that are taken by Clawface.

Fire and IceEdit

He is now an apprentice and his mentor is Graystripe. When Graystripe starts to meet Silverstream, Fireheart takes up his mentoring. He finds rabbit bones with a scent that are mistaken by ShadowClan scent, but it is Brokenstar so he stops Tigerclaw patrol from attacking ShadowClan in revenge.

Forest of SecretsEdit

He is sent back to camp to fetch Yellowfang when Silverstream starts to give birth. He is given his warrior name in this book because he scented WindClan and ShadowClan when they come to invade, and he also saves Fireheart from Nightstar.

Rising StormEdit

He is a minor character in this book and stays with the clan during the fire.

A Dangerous PathEdit

He tells Fireheart that he thinks that something is wrong with Snowkit and he wants to mentor him, but Snowkit is deaf and he chases after the hawk that takes him, but fails. He is given Tawnypaw to mentor instead.

The Darkest HourEdit

He is told to follow Darkstripe and his apprentice, Tawnypaw goes to live with ShadowClan and he feels very guilty.

Firestar’s QuestEdit

Brakenfur was hunting with Longtail when he is blinded.


He is given Whitepaw to mentor.


He continues to mentor Whitepaw.


During the Great Journey, he saves a kit from an eagle, which is what he failed to do with Snowkit.


He is on guard when Sorreltail and Leafpaw go to find the moonpool.


He is now mates with Sorreltail and she gives birth to four kits at the end of the book.


Firestar considers him for the new deputy, but Brambleclaw is chosen instead.

The SightEdit

He is given Hollypaw to mentor and when Cinderpaw bumps into him, he comments that she is just like his sister.

Dark RiverEdit

When he asks Hollypaw to come to the training hollow and she doesn’t show up, he is very worried.


His apprentice goes to help The Tribe of Rushing Water.


His apprentice gets her warrior name.

Long ShadowsEdit

‘’Coming soon’’


When Hollyleaf tells the clan who her parents are, his daughter, Cinderheart, shows wisdom beyond her years.