Berrynose is a creamy tomcat who used to be a loner.



He was first found in the woods as a small kit with his mother, Daisy, brother, Mouse and sister, Poppy. Daisy told tem about Floss kits being stolen and asked if she could stay in ThunderClan with her kits. She was accepted and planed to stay. When the badgers attacked, she was so frightened and brought Berrykit, and his siblings to the top of the hollow with Ferncloud and Birchpaw.


Berrykit goes out on his own and has his tail caught in a fox trap. After ThunderClan cats rescue him, his tail is to battered to be saved and [[Leafpool] has to chew it off, but he is in too much pain already to feel any more. His mother was so scared, she took him and his siblings’ back to the Horseplace. Brambleclaw and Cloudtail came to find them and eventually brought them back.
When Brambleclaw was named the deputy, he needed an apprentice so Firestar said that Berrykit would be his apprentice. After that, Berrypaw was boasting about being the deputies apprentice.

After Sunset, we need to talkEdit

In this play, Harepaw of WindClan is sneering at Berrypaw about his kittypet roots.

The SightEdit

Berrypaw was beginning to boss around the other apprentices.

Dark RiverEdit

He was given his warrior name Berrynose and it was said that Honeypaw was crushing on him.


He was being very bossy and many cats got mad at him.


He fought off WindClan when they attacked and was still acting bossy.

Long ShadowsEdit

He was shown showing some affection for Honeyfern.


Berrynose continues to be very affectionate for Honeyfern. One day, a snake was about to attack and kill Briarkit and Honeyfern pushes the kit out of the way, but is bitten herself and she dies because of it. On the way to StarClan, Berryynose starts to tell her she died saving a kit and that they would have had wonderful kits together. He sits at her vigil.

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